Monday, July 4, 2011

Wedding ... decorations

Decorations are just fun
it's so cool to come up with so many different ideas
Jacquelyn had a vision and she has let us know that her vision was seen!

as you walked into the Pier House after going through the foyer
there was a skinny table to the left that would be used for gifts
so we decided to come up with some pictures of the happy couple to hang up
We included a picture right after they became engaged, a collage of old pics of them through their years of dating, and then a recent one. We also bought a J and a B from Michaels and spray painted those to hang with the pictures.

We purchased a wire bird cage for the cards. You can buy these fabric covered boxes but that just wasn't Jacquelyn's style.
I found a great site for ordering the bird cage and it came with a little patina on it so it looked just right for the Pier House.

This picture was taken before the party got started....
that table quickly filled up with gifts after the guest starting coming in!

just beyond the gift table was the table for the grooms cake
As you can see from the picture below, we hung paper lanterns from the ceiling using fishing line. We wanted it to look like they were floating. We hung 47 lanterns!

you can also see in the picture above that we wrapped the wooden post with tulle...this gave it a little bit of a softer look

let's talk about those chair sashes! The Hilton rents their sashes for $1.00 each but they did not have purple. So we talked to the rental company that we rented the chairs for the beach and they had a price of $3.85 each. YES, you read that right! so multiply that by 122 chairs and that's a lot of money. So we decided to turn to google...and found  satin purple chair sashes for $1.18 each! And then the Hilton turned around and bought them from yeah!
(photo credits to my niece Mallory Pendleton and friend Aaron Williams)

wedding tip - shop around because you can find some great deals. And if the website says "wholesale" go for it. I bought off of 2 sites that said that and I never had to put in a tax id obviously they do sell to the public. We also bought the ribbon that criss crossed on the tables from a wholesale place.


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