Thursday, August 3, 2017

Random things .....

I guess about 2 months since I posted
well, it's been a very busy summer so far
and now here's August! wow...

see what is happening in my back yard
leaves are changing...

this is the tree that the leaves always start changing color first
fall will be here before we know it

Nicole and Tyler gave me this orchid for Mothers Day
I have never been able to keep an orchid alive
and now it looks like it could possibly bloom again
fingers crossed

my chalkboard for June 

and then I never did one for July but at the
end of the month I did this one

you can find such cute ideas on Pinterest for chalkboards
I have so many pinned for fall, Christmas and winter that
I'll have a hard time picking which one to do!

I have a bunch of blog post scheduled to post each day
so be ready!! haha


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