Saturday, August 5, 2017

Rehearsal dinner .....

Johnny and I hosted the rehearsal dinner at the 
same hotel as the wedding would be
Because we all had rooms and would be spending
the entire weekend there, it just made sense!

Our only glitch was the dinner was to be outside
under a tent by the pool
Storms prevented that from happening and so early that
day we made the call to move it inside

We decided on a buffet dinner and Jake picked the menu
He wanted to have a good ole southern buffet as
Kayce's family lives up north, so he thought it would be great
to have local favorites to serve
it was delicious!!
we had a cocktail party prior to dinner
beer and wine
Imported and domestic cheese display with grapes and crackers
seasonal fresh fruit 
mozzarella salad w/tomatoes, basil and balsamic reduction

then came time for dinner.......
fingerling potatoes w/bacon vinaigrette
cole slaw
tomato and cucumber salad
iron skillet corn bread with whipped apple butter
mini corn on the cob
pulled pork brisket

we also added a pasta station for folks who didn't care for BBQ
we had penne pasta and tortellini
with marinara and alfredo sauce
with fresh vegetables

I wanted to have the grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner
as I feel like it kind of gets lost at the wedding reception
So I checked with Jake and Kayce to make sure
that was ok.......and they were good with that!
I had a 2 tier cake that really just looked very ordinary
but once you cut the cake, you saw that it was 
buffalo plaid! 
the significance is........Jake is very well known for his buffalo plaid that he 
wears quite often throughout fall and winter
so much so that Kayce even got a heart tattoo 
that is buffalo plaid! 

Jacquelyn helped me with coming up with the design for the decorations
we had mason jars with mostly baby's breath sitting
on a round of wood
the mason jars had a tag tied with twine and the tag
read "tomorrow will be the best day ever"
then I ran just greenery down the middle of the tables
we had 2 tables that sat 25 people each.....50 people!

it was a fun night
then the storm hit and power went out!!
a few of us went over to the bar and then
ended up sitting outside for a while, enjoying 
some cold beers and a big summer storm

for the names tags I had those little log holders below
I set up what I thought would be the correct seating on the dining room table
and then had Kayce and Jake check it over to make
sure I had it right

as the staff was setting up the tables 

my sweet daughter-in-law and I before the rehearsal

the building where the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception took place

I told Jake and Kayce to cut the grooms cake as practice for the
wedding cake....then once they saw the inside they were so surprised

the bakery did a great job!

the greenery running along the table

such a awesome thing that Jacquelyn and Bucky's best friends
came from Texas for the wedding
All of us were so thrilled to see had been 4 years!!
when they lived here I always called them my Texas kids
(they are originally from Texas)
as they attended all of our big family events

the flower girl....Avery Grace

bride and groom

another picture of the cake

Jolon wasn't even born when Joe and Melissa moved to Texas
So Declan and Jolon had never met but they became best friends!!

carrying home tons of flowers the morning of the rehearsal
all of the flowers came from my favorite florist, Coleman Brothers

a night we will all remember


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