Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July 4th .......

We took our annual 4th of July trip to the Chesapeake Bay to spend a
week with our family, Tommy and Joanne
and good friends Gene and Lois

This is truly one of the most relaxing vacations we take
There's not a lot going on around the "Northern Neck"
a few stores and restaurants but not much

So mostly we just hang out at their awesome home, 
have grand and intense corn hole tournaments by the pool
float around in the pool
check the crab pots
fish off of the dock
go boat riding
play a card game we love called 99
and pretty much solve all of the worlds problems while sitting
on the screened in porch that overlooks the bay
and new this year, overlooks the osprey nest!

As you can see, it just great relaxation!!

This is Tommy and Joanne's first year that the Osprey family
has had an egg hatch. Last year the geese got a hold of the egg
while down there it was so much fun watching the baby osprey
what wasn't fun was one night Joanne and I are sitting out on the porch
crane came flying around and oh wow, momma osprey was all
over that, fighting that crane. And the baby I guess with instinct just
knew to get down low in the nest. So low that we could not even
see him, but we knew he was safe.
After about 3 fights with the crane, momma osprey went up in to 
a tree top. Well dang, here comes the crane flying over the nest
Joanne and I start screaming and yelling....whew, it was stressful

they get some of the most 
beautiful sunsets!

Joanne and I hanging at the pool

Joanne, Lois and I

Our corn hole tournaments get intense! haha...
so for this year it was named cornnaado! our own made up word
and then we compared it to when we were down there in 2014 
for Hurricane Arthur!
 new addition over to the right on the dock

crazy fun on the porch!

selfies with Gene!

and Joanne

my babe

cocktails on the porch

we love playing this card game 99....it is so much fun

playing cards...

cool clouds...

the guys went golfing, the girls went bar hopping!

Tommy and Joanne's awesome pool
where the water temp is always perfect!
thanks to a pool heater and cooler

corn hole playing tan

Johnny cooling off
It was sooooo hot....

love hanging out with my babe
this is why I'm so excited about him retiring!!

enjoying cold beer, appetizers and homemade ice cream
at Southwind Pizza

this annual trip is always one of our most favorite vacations


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