Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Wyndham Resort ....

As I have said in previous post....everything for the wedding
was held at the Wyndham resort

Such a beautiful place with a gorgeous golf course

It is 3 separate buildings, one housing the guest rooms
one is registration and conference rooms
and the 3rd building is the ballroom, restaurant, bar

below is the view from our room of the golf course

we had such a really nice room with the cathedral ceiling
and found out the next morning our room was attached
to the bridal suite.

the foyer of the guest building

the storms knocked out power to the guest building
we had no a/c that night but it was ok
we were up so late after the rehearsal dinner that we
were exhausted and went right to sleep
the problem was the next day when there was no way
we could get dressed in the hot room
The staff was awesome at the resort
they gave us a conference room over in the registration
building where the air was back on
So all of the groomsmen gathered in there and I can tell you
I had so much fun hanging with them and laughing
My niece Christy was in there with us doing mine and
Jacquelyn's hair. After all of the groomsmen and Jake were ready
we all headed over to the bar for a drink. 

The coordinator there was so great to work with for the dinner
she always was so nice, so helpful and we loved working with her


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