Friday, August 4, 2017

Contacts ....

I am 61 years old and trying contacts for the first time
and even though I am going through an
adjustment period......meaning I can't see very well
I LOVE them!!

My glasses were for reading and distance
over the years my distance vision has improved
So we are trying just one contact, in my left eye
and seeing if my eyes will adjust
The first day I couldn't see very well at all, mostly a blur
each day was better and better

They said it usually takes 7 to 10 days
on the 10th day it was pretty good except for one little blur 
I could see and I couldn't see my laptop too clearly

So they ordered a new contact for me
he told me this is probably the only thing left that might work for me
I've had them for a couple of weeks now and though my 
vision is not perfect, I can see and I have no more
trouble seeing my laptop. 
so time will tell if I can keep wearing contacts
I sure hope so, love them!!

I also ordered new glasses to have in case I have a day or so
that I cannot wear my contacts
these are not like any style I have ever worn 
and I love them!

and now since I do not have to wear prescription sunglasses
I get to buy fun, cheap sunglasses!!!
these were my 4th of July glasses
I want to find some bright orange ones for the beach

that's the deal on this old lady wearing contacts....haha
hoping it will all work out!


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