Thursday, August 10, 2017

Visiting friends ....

I mentioned before that Jacquelyn and Bucky's best friends
that had moved to Texas came back for the wedding
we had not seen them in 4 years.
So Thursday before the wedding they hosted a cookout
for their friends including the other couple they all
hung out with Denna and Cary

So cool....the 6 of them back together again.
Lucky for us, they invited us to the cookout too
and Jake even stopped by on his way home from work
it was good catching up with them before the wedding
and we loved meeting their son, Jolon.
The hard part was knowing they were going back to Texas 
after the wedding

missing from the picture is Bucky and Lynne, who took the picture

making faces like my kids always do....haha

more silly faces...

Avery giving Uncle Jake a hug

sweet Jolon
it was so great to meet him after following pictures on FB
for the past 4 years
him and Declan became friends right away
And Declan still tells us he wishes Jolon would come visit again

such best friends

Avery had to get in the picture

and look at them all dressed up, looking great and together again!!


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