Sunday, August 6, 2017

Speeches ....

you know me, I have to document as much as I can
otherwise, I forget
and I def did not want to forget the sweet words Johnny
spoke at our son's rehearsal dinner and his wedding.

here is his speech for the rehearsal dinner.......

Welcome everyone and thank you for making time to come
here this evening to share in Kayce and Jake's rehearsal.
I know most all of you but to those I don't, I am Johnny, Jake's father.
Diane and I would also like to thank Kathe and John for what we
know will be a memorable and fun wedding tomorrow

We are pleased and happy for Jake to be able to wed, as he says,
the love of his life and his best friend, Kayce.
My family has thought of Kayce as part of our family for
quite a while now and tomorrow it will become official.

When Jake met Kayce he would tell us a little about her
each time we saw him and we just knew by how he talked that this
"could" be the one. And Kayce, we couldn't be happier that 
you ARE the one!

So let's raise our glass to toast this special couple, Jake and Kayce

I wish you many, many years of happiness, always take care of 
each other, stay best friends and throughout your life, always put
each other first.

If there is anyone else that would like to say something or make
a toast, now is a good time
thank you

and then for the wedding, Johnny served as our son's best man
here is his best man speech

Hey, I met some of you last night. To those I didn't meet
I'm Jake's dad Johnny

I am very honored to serve as my son's best man. 
and because I am the best man, I get to tell some stories about Jake

Like how he taught us what action figures can be flushed
down the toilet, you can sit on the roof from 
your bedroom window and magnets do 
mess up color TV's.
We will not bring up the teenage dumbassiery
years but we all survived!

and now look, all grown up and married
to Kayce, his love

Jake, your mom and I couldn't be more proud

Kayce, welcome to the family
We love y'all so much

Johnny did a great job! 


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