Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog anniversary .....

10 years ago today I wrote my first blog post
to be honest, I didn't know a whole lot about what I was doing
But I had started following some blogs that were just
regular people like me
talking about life, family, decorating, vacations, flowers
recipes, grandchildren, work

So I thought wouldn't that be a great idea to just document
my life and one day when I leave this earth, my children,
grandchildren and generations to come will have
a source of reference on our family life and me

I have a small little diary that my great grandmother wrote
in daily. It's not a lot of content, mostly the weather...haha
visiting people, canning, gardening but it is a glimpse 
into her life and I savor and love every word I read
So my hope is my family will do the same.

here are some fun facts from my blog.......

first post June 2nd, 2007
total post 1,281 
post with the most page views July 7th 2011
Source that provides the most blog views - Google
Countries with the most page views.....
of course USA is number one
2. Russia - so yes, they are watching all of us...haha
3. China
4. Bulgaria
5. France
6. Germany
7. UK
8. Canada
9. Ukraine
10. Poland

so to all of the folks who view my pages.....HI
I'm not as good about posting, I blame Facebook
but I try to keep up
we are heading into a fun summer with the wedding
and a couple of vacations so hopefully I can keep up!!

as always.......later

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