Thursday, May 25, 2017

fun weekend....

As I have mentioned often lately.....our son is getting married!
And he and his groomsmen along with Johnny and our 
brother-in-law embarked on a journey via train
to Philadelphia for the weekend

All I can say is it's not just Vegas but also what happens
in Phila, stays in Phila!

Our sister-in-law Joanne invited all of the groomsmen's
wives and girlfriends along with the bride down
to the Chesapeake Bay for a weekend of fun

A few negatives.....the bride couldn't make it, our daughter
Jacquelyn couldn't come, 2 of the groomsmen's wives
couldn't come and the weather was less than great.

But the positives, we had a lot of fun!! And so appreciated
Joanne inviting us all down.
Their place looking so beautiful to start the summer season

Of course Joanne and I started our morning with
delicious Bloody Marys that Joanne made

One of the first things we had to do was due to hard rain
the pool cover was filled with water
the new pump was not working
but have no fear....Jo and I actually figured it out
and got the pump to working

then of course we had to take a picture showing the
water flowing to send to Tommy to show
him we were able to fix it

Just hanging out and waiting for Brianna and Kendall to arrive

we were going to go out but decided to stay in and celebrate
Cinco with nachos, guac and margaritas
and a few shots!

the next morning Joanne made us a fabulous breakfast!!

Bar hopping along the Northern Neck....

and the last day cleared up so pretty that
Brianna and Kendall took the kayaks out

it was a fun weekend and we missed the other girls


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