Sunday, May 21, 2017

38 years ....

On Friday Johnny and I celebrated 38 years of marriage

and when I say we celebrated, I mean we sat on the patio

and drank a couple of beers, ordered some take out

and watched a movie!

haha.....well normally we do go out for a nice dinner

but I was having issues with my eye so we decided to stay in

We just have a good time doing nothing but hanging

out together. I guess that's why we are looking

forward to retirement so much.....just hanging out together!!

My sweet hubby sent me this beautiful basket of flowers.

they are in individual containers so after enjoying it indoors

for a little while, I'll plant them outside. I have some that came

back from last year's birthday basket. This is my second basket

this year, he gave me one for my birthday this year.


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