Monday, May 22, 2017

Pippa Lou ....

Our sweet Pippa Lou turned 6 years old 
on May 10th.

She is by far just one of the sweetest little dogs ever
and she gets bullied a lot!!
Bella earned the nickname of Bella the bully from
her picking on Pippa so much

And now Khaleesi picks on Pippa. She is def not 
the alpha dog in our pack

She loves to lay on the top of the patio wall and guard
our home. If anyone dares to walk past our yard she races
so fast to the fence and let's them know this is our yard!

Now if those same people were to actually come in to our yard,
she would take off for the deck and scratch to come in....haha

We took her to the vet the other day for her annual check up
She weighed in at 14.7 lbs and the vet said she
is in excellent health

here are all 3 dogs enjoying vanilla frozen 
yogurt from Sweet Frog....Pippa's birthday
treat that she shared


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