Sunday, September 25, 2011

One last summer trip ...

After getting back from the beach we went to the
Chesapeake Bay with Tommy, Joanne, Lois and Gene.
Weather wise, it was a miserable weekend......rain, rain and more rain
cold and very windy

But people wise, it was FUN!!
we just really have such a great time with all of them

we pretty much played cards and ate! haha

we arrived Friday evening and Tommy had cooked a wonderful
spaghetti dinner for all of us

Then they taught us how to play this card game called 99
it was soooo much fun

The next morning despite the chilly weather, I did get up and walk
I think it was just shy of 2 miles

We had a big breakfast along with some great Bloody Mary's
and then broke out the cards!
we ended up playing from 11:00 that morning until 11:00 that night
with only breaking to eat!
Tommy cooked some chicken wings for munching on during the day
and for dinner grilled BBQ ribs....yum!

below is some random pics from the weekend....mostly just
playing cards!!

Here's Joanne's dog Sadie taking it easy!

this last picture I took as we were crossing the bridge heading home
it was a fun weekend with great people
and our last trip for the summer!


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