Thursday, September 29, 2011

Facebook ...

I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon more than a year ago
and I love it

I realize there is good and bad but I guess it's all in how you use it
I like to stay connected with friends and family

for example....I have nieces that are in college and high school
normally, I only talk with them at family gatherings
but with Facebook, I am connected to them every single day!! I get to
enjoy their college experience as they post lots of goings on and
pictures from school.

I love staying in touch with friends!
Friends that have moved away (Glenda) and re-connecting
with old friends (Winnie), seeing old high school friends (Bonnie)
it's just fun

I am not a telephone talker so FB lets me check in with folks, share photos and post silly stuff! Also, now more of my friends and family
read my blog...which is my family journal.
I know, probably boring at times but it's ok, it's my life and I love it.

what I don't like about FB......when people read your status update and
take it the wrong way. That's happened quite a few times with me
but it's ok..nothing is perfect right?
I don't play the games.....just don't have time for that.
and the "warnings" everyone sends around are a bit annoying
but overall, I think FB is fantastic!!


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Connie said...

I love this post and feel the same way!!