Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Dinosauer cast ...

On Tuesday evening, Maddox was playing and fell and broke his foot
except that Nicole didn't know he broke it ... there were no signs
no swelling or anything

But the next morning Maddox couldn't walk on it
so off they went to the ER
and after some xrays found a break
small and clean but still a break

Nicole then took him to the orthopedic dr and they put a cast on it
and he did not like it
they stopped by the house afterward and he was signing to
Nicole to take it off

A lot of the times when the boys come by, they don't want to leave
when it's time to go .... of course, who would blame them,

so to distract them, I tell them we have to fix up a bag of goodies
for them to take home and they love that!

here's Gabe holding tight to his bag of goodies

Maddox only had a hard time that first day with the cast
now, he handles it like a pro
and is walking around with no problem

he only has to wear it 3 weeks so just 2 1/2 wks to go!



Connie said...

I bet your daughter felt so bad! I'm glad he's doing well and what a cute cast!! My son says I am bad with snacks/treats too!

NiCOLE said...

Maddox is doing great with his cast now! Only 2 weeks left and then Maddox and mommy will be very happy!!! There may be a party haha :)