Friday, September 30, 2011

Dogfood ...

I have been thinking about making my dogs food for quite awhile
and when Chrissy girl stopped eating much and started getting
pretty boney feeling......I decided I needed to do something different.
Chrissy has always been a light eater but now with her almost 12 years
old, it worried us

So I researched some homemade dog foods but some were just gross
Like..I'm not going to handle "organ" meat!

and then I found some that were basically what we eat
so I took my list to the vet to get her approval
and now...I make their food
no more commercial dog food for my babies

I mix together chicken breast, brown rice, carrots and green beans
no seasonings at all

You can see that the puppy still gets puppy food with hers. She cannot go on this diet until she is one year old.
They get about 3/4 cup of whole grain cheerios for breakfast
a full cup of the chicken mix for dinner
they snack on carrots and milk bones
and they get one multi vitamin a day

we also give them eggs, cheese and granola but not every day
those are just treats
Eggs for dinner once a week
and now Chrissy girl is eating good and acts like she is feeling better

I know it's a little extra work but not that much
I make a big batch and it last for 5 days
And I just feel better about what they are eating


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