Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 Days at the beach ... day 10

Day 10 and Lynne left this morning
I didn't walk.....Lynne leaving was my excuse!

Timmy, Susan, Johnny and I went out to breakfast at Millers.
Then we went down to Jeanettes Pier ... we wanted to check one more time
if Jamie's corian fish was installed on the pier
but it wasn't

the building on the new pier has a 2nd story venue for events
we couldn't go inside as it was being decorated for a wedding
reception but I did snap these pictures.

this would be a beautiful place for a reception
it is surrounded by an outside balcony porch that overlooks the pier
and the ocean!

look closely at the picture below ... double click it and you'll be able to see it better.
they had made a heart of wine bottles and they strung ribbon along
all of them. I'm guessing the ceremony was going to be inside
the ring of bottles. kind of weird but to each his own!

after we left the pier, we stopped by Tortugas for a couple
of cold beers.
then headed over to T&W tackle for a new fishing rod for Johnny
and dang.....I meant to get a t-shirt from there and forgot

Then we headed out to the beach
fishing, hanging out and playing corn hole

Some more friends stopped by, Steve and Chrissy
And they wanted us to go out to dinner with them so later in the evening after getting showers, we all headed over to the Sugar Shack!

Little did we know that in front of all of us, Steve was going to propose
to Christy.
So yes, we all witnessed the sweet!
and the pictures are very bad.....but in my defense, I had been drinking
beer all day long! Wasn't good at setting my camera or focusing! ha!


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