Tuesday, September 20, 2011

12 Days at the beach ... Day 9

Day 9 ... sunny and beautiful
I didn't make note of the temps

Lynne and I walked 2 1/2 miles
While Johnny, Timmy and Susan went to get bait for fishing, Lynne
and I went shopping at the Cotton Gin. I wanted to get some local
wine for my neighbor who was taking care of our dogs. A local had told
us this was a good place to go...and yep, it was!

I've always wanted to buy a tshirt from every place we go to
while down there but just never have. So this trip I decided I would
unless I already had a shirt from there.
so here are my shirts.......6 of them from Millers, Tortugas, Jeanettes Pier, Red Drum, Hurricane Moe's and Black Pelican!

We all hung out on the beach all day
Johnny and Timmy fishing
and us making fun of them for catching no fish

We were all sitting there on the beach and none of us even noticed the ocean
taking Johnny's fishing rod away. Earlier the ocean had taken Timmy's
sun glasses! after awhile, we saw something black as the waves crashed
on the shore and Johnny thought that it might be Timmy's glasses......this
is when we discovered Johnny's rod was gone...haha!! I think we had started
drinking beer pretty early that day!

We all played some corn hole

We decided not to cook and not to go out!! Ordered
take out from Mama Kwan's! Again, drinking beer too early will def keep you
from going out!

Our bedroom window in the condo faces the beach so when the sun comes up, it gets very bright. But one morning, I woke really early and noticed the window light looked very orange. So even though it was not an hour I would normally get up, I did.....peeked out the window and was amazed at the colors of the sky as the sun was trying to come up. So I had to grab my camera and this is what I captured.....
and then I went back to bed. But just minutes later, the color lighting up the window was even brighter so back up and grabbed my camera. And wow, sure was worth it!

the colors were some of the most amazing I have ever seen down there.

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