Friday, September 16, 2011

12 Days at the beach ... Day 5

Day 5 ... Labor Day!
Lynne and I walked 2 1/2  miles and then....then....
you guessed it, headed to Millers for breakfast!
can you tell we love that place..haha

Bucky was sick so they did not meet us for breakfast

Once back, we all headed to the beach except for Bucky. He was running
a slight fever and just feeling bad!

They were leaving to go home on this day and Jacquelyn had not gone
to Tourtugas yet so we went with her for lunch.
Our second day in a row there but we didn't that place!

Next door to the condo's is a group of cottages (6 cottages) that they call
the Edenton Colony. These cottages were built in 1946 and have
been in some of the same families since then. Some have not but they all participate......
They all have a Labor Day tradition of dressing up
in crazy costumes, marching down the long driveway while
banging on pots and pans, blowing horns.
they then parade down Beach Road a little ways, go up the next
driveway then march down the beach back to the beginning.

Once they come back, they all gather and sing
"God Bless America"
it's's crazy looking but what a great tradition!
everyone from young to old dresses up!

it was fun to watch!


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