Sunday, September 18, 2011

12 Days at the beach ... Day 7

Day 7 ... sunny but I can't remember what the temp was

Lynne and I walked 2 miles
and for folks who know know my biggest fear...SNAKES!!
I have been going to the OBX for 33 years now and I have
never, ever seen a snake there. I like to believe they don't exist in
the happiest place on earth!
But while Lynne and I were walking we saw one....just laying there on the side of the road! ewwwww
I screamed and ran!

after that awful experience (haha) Lynne and I decided to go shopping.
I bought a new bathing suit!
and Johnny went to run errands, grocery store, beer, ice, you know, the necessities!

All day long we just hung out on the beach and then later
in the day at the pool

Grilled some hamburgers for dinner and watched a little TV
look at my man grilling those burgers......

And there's Lynne making sure he's doing it right.......

While watching TV, the DQ bug was too strong for Johnny so we had to
head out to the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard!!
oh yeah folks......we're crazy like that! haha...

more tomorrow!


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Connie said...

My hubby loves DQ. When we travel..he always seems to find one for a treat!