Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 Days at the beach ... Day 2

Friday, Sept 2nd.
Second day at the beach we slept in a little and then
headed out to breakfast at Miller's Restuarant, an all time
OBX favorite!
Next stop, the grocery store to load up on snacks, water and beer

Once we got back to the condo we decided to go ahead and get the
"hurricane" clean up done and out of the way
We stay at my brother-in-laws condo and since he is so generous with
letting us stay there when we want, we love taking care of the place
for him. Hurricane Irene did not do much damage but still there was
clean up to do. Power had been out so the frig really needed
a good cleaning out.
And there was sand everywhere!

here's Johnny cleaning all of the sand off of the balcony

after cleaning, we walked down to the beach and was surprised
at the amount of debris still on the beach from the hurricane
it had been 6 days earlier so I thought the ocean would have carried
more out by now.....

the house below really took a beating from the hurricane
most of his roof was blown off and hit one of the balconies in the
condo upstairs from my BIL ... ripped out the railings on the balcony
we have always called this house "The Love Shack"....
it looks like it needs a lot of love now!

after that, we rode down to South Nags Head.
they suffered a lot of flooding during Irene!
So furniture, mattresses, and junk was just piled up everywhere down there

Sad for folks to lose so much during the storms

Next stop, Jenettes Pier!
Hurricane Isabel took out Jenettes a few years back and they have been
re-building for awhile now
You can purchase a corian fish plaque to go in to one of the planks
on the pier.....in memory or your own name
Johnny and I along with other family members purchased one
for Johnny's sister Jamie, who loved the OBX
we had ordered it back in July and it takes 6 to 8 wks
but they are running behind and now taking up to 12 wks so it
wasn't there yet. We thought we'd just check again at the end of our trip
here's what the fish plaques look like

Next ..... Hurricane Moe's for Happy Hour!
25 cent wings, 10 cent shrimp and dollar tacos

Then later that evening, Lynne (my son-in-laws mother) Bucky and Jacquelyn arrived.
Lynne was staying with us but the newlyweds were staying somewhere else.
It was a beautiful sunny day, 79 degrees and we never made it out
to the beach....just too busy! But it was a fun day


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