Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 2016 snow storm ....

More pictures from the snow storm
can't help it......biggest snow I can remember
at our house we ended up with about 15 inches
and snow drifts of 18 to 20 inches

the snow drifts piled up at the den doors
the first thing we needed to clean up the next day

the patio wall just about buried
and up to the bottom of the patio rocking chairs

we constantly had clothes hanging up to dry

and wet boots, gloves, hats and socks

and always a dog ready to come in
Ziggy and Pippa Lou were the only ones
that had snowballs hanging off of them
even putting hair conditioner on their underside and legs
didn't help that much

and even though Pippa Lou had a lot of fun playing
in the snow she wasn't always happy when she needed to tinkle

those 2 large humps to the right of the picture
are our lounge chairs....totally covered

looking out from the garage
where do you put all of the snow! haha

I love taking a picture of our house in the snow
so pretty
our Christmas cards this year were our house in
the snow but done in a watercolor

see the icicles there.....well half of them are real and
half are from Christmas! That's right.....Johnny had not taken
these down yet and now they are covered in ice

Digging the cars out


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