Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow storm ....

we are currently in the middle of a snow storm
It is rare for us here in Richmond, VA to get this kind of storm
oh there are plenty of times they say "it's a big one"
but then something changes, low pressure systems, el nino
warm air name it, we've heard it
and in the end, we are always let down!

It started snowing mid-morning Friday
and as soon as it started coming down
it started accumulating fast!
for most of the day it was probably about an inch
an hour. They had said it would switch to sleet late Friday
night but it started much earlier, 6:00 pm.
and the sleet was still coming down hard when we
went to bed. Woke up to so much snow!!
measured about 8 inches

They had said the snow would be much lighter on Saturday
and that it would snow on and off most of the day
But they were wrong on that
it has been snowing hard all day
and blowing like crazy....big snow drifts
as of 3:00 today we have 12 inches.

Jacquelyn, Johnny and I took a ride in
the Expedition....went up to the market but they were closed
our road in to the neighborhood was totally covered
I predict kids will be out of school all week

after our ride up to the market we walked around the neighborhood

Best way to keep beer cold.....stuck in the snow!

 snow on front porch after shoveling it off about 3 times....
can't keep up with it

the snow drifts on the deck...


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