Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Christmas ....

We normally go to my nieces house for Christmas
they have a large, fun house but this year
decided to go to Daddy's
he wasn't going to go to my nieces and we really just wanted
to be with him for Christmas
and we didn't want to put so much on our niece as she
had just hosted us for Thanksgiving

here are a few photos of us getting ready for 
the Pendleton Crazy Gift Exchange
but first a picture of another new family member
here's my brother with his first grandchild, Marshall Lucas
so sweet

everyone gathering around to draw their numbers

my sweet Daddy
he was so happy to have everyone together for Christmas

brother-in-law Scott checking out one
of the gifts

and that's it for you see the theme here, I'm really
getting bad at remembering to take pictures....haha!


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