Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Delaney year in review ....

Another year gone by
wonder why as we get older they seem to go by
faster and faster
so here is some highlights from 2015


we went down to the Chesapeake Bay to 
visit with my Daddy's brother Raymond and wife Jean
what fun.....Daddy went and one of my sisters
and my brother went too
we played a lot of poker, had a lot of laughs
and ate a lot of good food

We had a little sleet and a few days later a little snow showers
and on the 19th Johnny and I really did something crazy...we started running!
who would have ever thought we would have done something like that
but ended up, we both loved it
well "love" is a pretty big word, it was hard
but after every run we always felt so good

on the 23rd our little grandson John Thomas turned one
and a dinosaur birthday was his theme


oh fun.....it SNOWED
Snow is the ONLY reason I like the winter time
it snowed on the 17th
and then again not he 27th

Our son participated in the Polar Plunge, jumping
in to the very cold Atlantic Ocean to honor our grandson
Maddox as it supports the Special Olympics


another grandson birthday, little Declan turned 2
with a Mickey Mouse birthday, lots of fun

Johnny and I went down to the Outer Banks 
for St Patricks Day, something we have talked about doing
for a while. We really had a great time except that I brought
back the flu with me!

which meant that I was very sick on my birthday 


April 9th was a very sad day for our family as our precious
doggie Chrissy girl passed away
She was 15 1/2 years old
I miss her
she was old and didn't do much anymore but she was always
by my side and I still miss her

We had a fun Easter with all of our kids and grandchildren

our daughter Jacquelyn turned 28 years old
and we are just crazy proud of the mother she has become

our precious grandson Maddox participated in 
Little Feets Meet, a division of the Special Olympics


On the 6th our son, our youngest, our baby
Jake turned 27 years old
also very proud of him and we love his new girlfriend Kayce

On the 8th we were blessed with our first little princess
Avery Grace
thank you Jacquelyn and Bucky for our little angel

 and on the 19th Johnny and I celebrated 
36 years married!
When we opened our cards this happened.....

haha....we've been together so long we think alike!

Johnny's sister Dee and her partner Sherry came to town
always a fun time
and my Daddy turned 82 years old


Johnny and I did something we NEVER imagined
would be possible....we ran the Corporate 4 miler
like seriously, I ran 4 miles!! haha
who would have ever thought that would happen

And Johnny had a birthday!
the week after that we headed down to the bay
for 10 days with Tommy and Joanne!
and boy did we have a good time

we were still at the bay for the first week
I hurt my ankle while at the bay

later in the month my sisters came over and we canned
a whole bunch of tomatoes...yum!!

Sure did miss Momma ...she would have really
enjoyed all of us being together canning

Jake moved into a new home with
his girlfriend in fan district of Richmond

We traveled to Myrtle Beach to hang out with 
2 people we love very much....Jerry and Glenda
then their daughter Tina and her husband David joined us 
down there and we sure had a lot of fun
talking and talking.....and playing cards!

Our oldest daughter Nicole turned 33......again, where have the years gone!
She's the mom to 4 of our grandchildren and we are proud of
how she is taking care of these precious little people

and my little sister and her husband moved to the
Churchill district of Richmond.....into a beautiful
renovated home!!
it was built in 1895 and is on the historical registry

we headed down to the Outer Banks.....our favorite place
on earth! Jacquelyn, Bucky, Declan, Avery Grace and Lynne
all went too. We had a great time

I have mentioned before that our grandson Maddox
has speech apraxia....well in an effort to meet other families that
deal with this, our daughter Nicole organized an Apraxia
walk to raise awareness. First ever for Richmond and it was
very successful.

We had a fun Halloween....Declan and Avery came to
our house to go trick or treating

and below is Jake and Kayce....

they added sweet little Mortica to their home

I set my goal to finish shopping by Dec 1st so a lot of
time was spent online SHOPPING! Let's just say that
Amazon loves me and I love them!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and then the weekend after
celebrated again with my family

Our wonderful son-in-law Bucky turned 30
and Jacquelyn had a little surprise party for him with his 
family and close friends
I don't think I could ask for a better son-in-law!

and then we were blessed again on the 29th with
another princess....our daughter Nicole and Tyler
added a fourth child to their family
Miss Lorraine Leona

which is always so awesome

Our future son-in-law Tyler had a birthday on the 19th
another one we are proud of....working hard for his
family and going to school

I did almost finish my shopping by the first
but very little left.

which meant that I enjoyed the month of 
December so much
we made crafts, we made chocolate goodies and
lots of sugar cookies

It was a great year and we look forward to the fun
and new memories that 2016 will bring


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