Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas decorations ....

here's a few of my decorations throughout the house
not sure that they look much different than
previous years but I like to document on my blog
each year. I need to take some pictures outside
at night of Johnny's crazy decorations....haha

below is a bowl of Christmas balls that are probably 
about 60 years old....they were from Johnny's Christmas tree
when he was a child. They are so fragile that I don't dare
put them on the afraid they would fall and break

the den tree

the living room tree

the book shelves between the foyer and living room

the foyer table

small table in the dining area

little Norfolk Island pine for the kitchen island

have to have a little Christmas in the half bathroom

kitchen hutch

you can see my Christmas cactus in the picture

and of course some mistletoe

2 framed pictures of Maddox with Santa and
one of Declan with Santa

another picture of the living room tree


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