Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Christmas morning 2015 .....

really late posting Christmas morning
Jacquelyn, Bucky, Declan and Avery Grace all came for
Christmas and spent the night
this might just be the last Christmas they do that
and it was the first Christmas that our son was not with
us for Christmas morning
And Nicole and her crew were home so we visited them
later on Christmas day
So I think this is the beginning of some new traditions
for Johnny and I
Next year might just be me, Johnny and the dogs
and then we go visit everyone 

here's Avery Grace and I a few days before Christmas
I think we were going out shopping

She had some precious outfits for the holidays
this was her Christmas eve outfit

Declan putting cookies and milk out for Santa
please ignore the honey whiskey bottle sitting there
we didn't leave any out for Santa but I think
grandpa had a little bit of that

Jacquelyn and Bucky

Bucky, Jacquelyn and I being silly

Avery really had a fun time opening presents Christmas morning

and Declan was enjoying all of it!

taking a wagon ride around the house

Mimi and TT gave Declan a bike for Christmas
and with the usually warm temps, it was perfect for taking
it out on a test ride

Jake and Kayce came over Christmas morning and I took
no pictures :( they stayed a while and then needed to
head over and visit with Kayce's family
Jacquelyn and her crew headed out around noon
to have some Christmas time with Bucky's family
While they were gone Johnny and I headed
over to Nicole's to have Christmas with her, Tyler and the kids
went home, some family came by, kids back over
and we ate a little dinner.
Christmas day sure is fun but it will also just wear you out
and then everyone sleeps so good that night totally
worn out but with a lot of happiness in your heart


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