Tuesday, March 8, 2016

no blog writing.....

January 27th was the last time I did a blog post
and so much has gone on

the worst being that we lost our precious Daddy
it's been only 17 months since Momma went to heaven
and now Daddy has joined her
he has been so lonely, wanting to be with her again
His COPD had made him so weak
along with a few falls

It's been hard losing Daddy
but it's also been a sense of relief to know he was no longer suffering
I feel awful saying relief.....that may not be the right word
it would break our heart to hear his horrible coughs
and then see him gasp to catch his breath
to see him confined to his home
and be tethered to the oxygen machine

to visit him and hear him say how much he hated
being confined and no longer active
and then cry all the way home because you were helpless 
and couldn't do anything to make it better

It is just really hard to put in to words what it is
like to lose your parents.....it's just an overwhelming sadness

Bless you Daddy....you're with Momma again and
now can breath without pain
we love you


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