Thursday, March 10, 2016

back pain ....

I suffered through a good part of my life with lower back pain
the reason.....I have Degenerative disc disease in
2 of my lumbar disc
which sounds so much worse than it actually is
as my doctor told me, half of the people in our country
have this
and most are diagnosed at a young age, usually in their 30's

that is what caused my back pain
the reason that I suffered for a good part of my life....because
I wouldn't listen to my doctor and do some exercise!

seriously, why don't we do what the doctor tells us!!
I had trouble doing anything and if I lifted anything heavy, then it would
become inflamed and press on that sciatic nerve
oh wow, then every step I took was painful
there were times that I ended up in bed on muscle relaxers
and I hate being on those things.
It got so bad that to get out of bed, I had to do my back
stretching exercises from my doctor
only took about 2 minutes to do them but I guess I liked
that better than doing actual exercise....ha!!

And I guess I thought I was smarter than them and just knew
that exercise would not help my back.
in my mind, it would make it worse

But 4 years ago I started doing Jazzercise and wow, for the
first time in over 20 years, I did not have back pain
come to find out the doctors are right
and more specific, dance and lifting weights is the best
for your back and your bones
and guess what.....that is what Jazzercise is!!

Which brings me to now......I have been unable to go to
Jazzercise due to some commitments and then our
sweet Daddy passed away. I am just now getting back
after being out 2 weeks. I did the same thing during Christmas

and it is amazing to me that after 4 or 5 days without exercise
my lower back hurts so bad I can barely bend to tie my shoes

I also have to do my back exercise while laying in bed
to even get pathetic

But I'm back at Jazzercise and just 2 classes later
my back is feeling great!!

Doctors do know what they are talking about....ha!


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