Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunflowers ...

I love sunflowers
they are just so big and bright
and they just bring a feeling of happiness
I've tried so many times to grow them but as soon as they start
sprouting, the birds get to them.
This year I planted seeds in some of my flower pots
on the deck
and they came up birds tampering with them!!
they are the mini cute!
and as soon as I saw a flower was going to happen, I started
snapping a picture every couple of days

so here you first mini sunflower!

ohhh look, a little flower is forming
and now she's starting to open up....

and today so beautiful
look at the swirl in the middle of the sunflower
God sure does some amazing work huh?

now if just a few more will open up, I'll cut them
and put in a pretty crystal vase!!

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