Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Charlottesville ....

On Sunday, I went up to Charlottesville to visit with our son
who lives there.
I had been trying for awhile to go up there but either we were busy,
Jake was busy or it was raining!! Finally, we found a day to explore
around the Charlottesville area.
First up, I went with Jake to do his grocery shopping for the week.
Then we headed over to Blue Mountain Brewery for lunch.
this also was my first time of eating out since starting the Whole30 eating.
But I did fine, water, hamburger, no bun, and a side salad
it was very good.....and we enjoyed the 82 degrees by sitting out
on the patio for lunch

after lunch we headed up to Afton Mountain, Wintergreen ski resort,
and then the Blue Ridge parkway. We also went by Hump Rock mtn but
did not do the hike....maybe next time!
I'm showing Jake that I love the mountains...."this much"!! haha

then we went riding around Charlottesville......here Jake is
showing me "The Corner".....very cool section of the city with bars,
restaurants, coffee shops

and here's me almost the whole time snapping pictures
but the bad news is my camera is in desperate need of a cleaning
so my pictures have this crazy smudge down them. I'm sure it's a piece
of lint down in there.
We also drove around the University of Va a little....such a beautiful
campus. And we def had perfect weather for a day like today. It was 82 in
the city but as we went further up the mountains, the temps dropped
to 71.....and felt wonderful.

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