Monday, August 5, 2013

Products I love ....

I have bought cheap products and I've bought expensive
and to be honest, sometimes I just couldn't always tell any difference
but over the years, I have found some favorites that I have just
stuck with
So just thought I would share......
below is my hair cream to keep my hair smooth and shiny despite
the blow dryer....that can dry out your hair. I put a small amount in my
hand, rub them together and just rub through my hair.
then blow dry ... and it just keeps my hair so soft!

Next is my hair spray. I just cannot go without spray.....I've tried, I can't.
So I had to find one that I could run my hands through and wouldn't make
my hair so stiff. And this product does just that. It's called tousling
spray and it really is!!

Next up is my face moisturizer. I used to spend a lot of money on face
creams but one day decided to try Ponds. I mean really, our grandmothers
all used that and they all had the softest skin! And let me just say...I LOVE it!
It keeps my skin soft and doesn't dry it out at all.
great product!!
Next up is my fake tan! I love having a sun tan but we all know it's bad
for you. And I used to do the tanning bed and then they said that was bad.
But I needed some color for the summer. I started using Jergens because of
the ease of using it but it did sort of have that orange color...and it did not
have a good smell to it. So I quit using it years ago. Tried other products, didn't
like any others either. Then Jergens came out with their new product
with no orange color and no bad smell. Perfect! I use the "mild" color
and only put it on every other day......and it keeps me with just
the right amount of tan.
The last product here is my newest product. When we were down at
the bay, we all rode into Whitestone to do a little shopping. This little
shop we like has these wonderful soaps that we had bought before and we wanted to buy more. This time we decided to try the lotion. And wow, love love this lotion! It's thick but keeps your skin feeling so soft all day long!! And the smell is heavenly. I'll have to get some more when we go back down there later this month. I have one other bottle, lavender....ahh, I love the smell of lavender.


So there you favorite things!!

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