Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clean eating, exercise and an update ....

It's pretty hot around here in Virginia.
the temps in the 90's but the humidity is awful.
First, we had tons of rain, all of the time
now we have the heat and humidity
which means we have lots of mosquitoes
So needless to say, we are not enjoying the outdoors very much
I stayed in all day today canning tomatoes with 2 of
my friends from work, Melissa and Cheryl.
we had a good time, lots of chatting and laughing
And because we're all doing the clean eating, lunch was clean!! 
I had fixed squash with onions the night before
Cheryl brought tilapia and seasoned it so perfect
we also had cut up tomatoes and a bowl of grapes and blueberries
a perfect lunch
I am finding out a few things about clean aren't hungry
very much but you have to eat your 3 meals a day regardless.
And each meal has to include a protein
I feel like I eat more now than when I was trying to lose weight
and I'm losing more weight now....isn't that ironic. It really is about
eating the right foods.
I haven't been posting the past few days because they would just look the same each day. I really do eat
a lot of the same things .... but I'm ok with that
For each meal I have either chicken, beef, fish or eggs
I always have one or two veggies. Some meals I might
include a fruit, like with breakfast and I usually have something
like a few cherries or watermelon at night.
I love making omelets and just coming up with different ways to season
my meats. And I've gotten to where I love roasting all veggies!
And I'm dropping a lot of weight. It just amazes me. I feel fantastic and
have great stamina when I work out at Jazzercise. My clothes are not
fitting that is great except at this rate, I'm going to need
lots of new clothes for winter.
I feel really good about this way of eating and I'm almost sure
that I won't go back to the old way.
Now the best part will be when I have my physical at t he end of August
and have really good numbers on all of my labs, then I know
I won't go back to the old way of eating!
I have lots of recipes that I want to try out but have really
just been so busy I haven't tried them out yet!

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