Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Clean eating ... day 14

I haven't posted daily updates because mostly, they are the same
I don't stray much from what I eat
I have my 2 boiled eggs and a bowl of watermelon every morning
unless I'm home, then I may make an omelet
and Lord help me when watermelon is out of season!

my lunch varies and depends on either what I have leftover from dinner
or what I was organized enough to cook in advance
if neither, I make a salad from the work salad bar making sure
that I add a protein. I love banana peppers on my salad and thought
I was pretty safe eating them. That is until I picked up a jar at
home and read the ingredients.......good grief! Why do they have to put
so much nasty stuff in just some pickled peppers!!

dinner is always's either chicken, beef or seafood
and I'm learning so many different ways to cook things that
are just so much healthier. And usually 2 veggies with dinner

my update.......I wonder why this isn't more popular. And I wonder why no one told me about this years ago. Benefits.......the weight is just
falling off, the inches are melting clothes are so loose
on me now that I'll def need a new wardrobe come fall
But the best thing .... I haven't felt this good
in probably 20 years. I never feel like I'm starving.... I eat 3 meals
because that's what you are supposed to do. Food taste so much better.
I feel satisfied after I eat, never feel stuffed and never feel bloated.
this is def the way you should eat.
Even after the 30 days are over, I will continue but I will
add a few things back into my diet after this.

that's it for now, I'll do some more updates at another time


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