Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clean eating ... day 2

well, if I don't eat something different, these post could get
very, very if reading what I eat isn't boring enough

Started my day with 2 cups of black coffee and I liked it!
For breakfast I had the same thing as yesterday.....2 boiled eggs and
a bowl of watermelon.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I do drink tons of water all day long.

for lunch a big salad with chicken that I had cooked last night
I had been putting beets on my salad because they are on the approved
list of food but the beets on our salad bar are pickled and I think
they may have sugar in them so I won't be eating those anymore.
I also had a bunch of blueberries after my salad.

Two of my friends here at work are doing this with me
and one mentioned, we are going to get sick of salads!
So tonight I'm going to try and come up with something different

Dinner was the chicken I cooked last night, a tomato and
roasted string beans. String beans are the only bean allowed on the
Whole30 plan. And I had never roasted them before and wow, loved them and will continue to fix them this way.


how I'm feeling .... well, maybe it's all in my head but I'm really
feeling good. I normally drag out of bed and this morning I got right up
feeling great. Which is weird because I didn't sleep that well. Kept
waking up for no reason.
Also, I'm not hungry between meals.....which surprises me. I was going to eat another banana tonight before Jazzercise and I didn't even think about it.
so this is all good, so far! More tomorrow...


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