Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Canning ...

On Saturday I did my annual tomato canning
One of my friends from work, Melissa, wanted to learn how
to can so she came over.
And my friend Cheryl, who already knows how to can
came over to just hang out with us!
So we had a good time
and now I have 18 quarts of yummy tomatoes canned
for this winter....this is from one bushel
last year I was able to get 22 quarts out of one bushel
Melissa did a 1/2 bushel and has 9 quarts
I might do some more again if I have time.
I know it's a time consuming thing to do but for some
reason, I just really love it!

I take everything off of my kitchen counters because I like
to have plenty of room and have an assembly line


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