Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Clean eating ... day 1

First day of clean eating

I had 2 cups of black coffee and to be honest, it was good
I gave up sugar in my coffee when I quit smoking 6 years ago
So I guess giving up the coffee creamer wasn't as hard
as I thought it would be

Breakfast was 2 boiled eggs and a bowl of watermelon
this isn't too different from what I normally eat but the difference
will be that between breakfast and lunch, I won't be snacking or
popping tic tacks in to my mouth ... haha!!

Lunch was a big, big salad
lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, olives
celery, beets, chicken, and olive oil & vinegar for my dressing
all very good!

Dinner was a baked sweet potato, cut up tomato and avocado
I just drizzled olive oil, kosher salt & cracked pepper
and a little oregano

with going to exercise right after work, I did not have time to cook
a meat. But I did have protein for breakfast and lunch.

Once I got home, I baked some chicken so that I will have that for
lunch and dinner tomorrow. But really, I'm not that hungry after Jazzercise so this was fine for me and I was full afterward.

The only time I snacked today was a banana at 5:00 before Jazzercise.
with having nothing since lunch, I needed a bit of a boost to get
through my work out.

So day 1 done!


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