Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow ...

People that know me know that I turn
into a 10 year old when the forecast calls for snow
I get very obsessed with following a few different
weather forecasters and I hang onto every word they say
I know, it's sad
But I just love snow so much

we haven't had any chance of snow since November
we haven't really even received the cold artic air needed to
produce a good snowfall

but one forecaster I follow had been hinting about a snow storm
happening sometime around the 18th....he's been saying this since
the first of January
and sure enough, we had snow
I wouldn't really call it a "snowstorm"
but we had big fluffy snowflakes, we even had thundersnow
and some lightning.....
they had said we would get 2 to 5 inches
but we had just finished up an entire week of rain, lots of rain
so at our house, we ended up with about one inch of
measureable snow on the ground
about 2 inches of snow on the deck (hard surfaces)
and this morning waking up to a winter wonderland
was just perfect!!
I took the ones below before I went to bed....

and below is what we woke up to!

All day Pippa Lou stared out the and out all day long!

we had a week of rain so to finally see the sun was so refreshing...

I worked from the home so this was my view all day long....beautiful


Now I'm just waiting for the next one!


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