Monday, January 28, 2013

People in my life ....

yesterday I mentioned my dear friend Glenda....we've been friends
for 35 years.
Today I'll tell you about my next oldest friend (in years, not age)
Janace and I have been friends for 34 years.
We became friends when she hired me at Va Tool and Equipment
I was just a few months from getting married when I went to
work there so I had to right away ask for time off for
wedding prep and honeymoon!

It was a very small office and everyone there was friends.
we would have drinks after work, have parties and some really
fun Halloween parties! We shopped together, hung out and one day
even played hooky from work and hung out at the beach!!

Janace, just like Glenda, was one of the people to give me
so much emotional support when I was struggling with
getting pregnant. And also like Glenda, as we raised and took care
of our families, we didn't always stay in touch. But it really never
mattered because we would just catch right up.

Janace loves her family, God and her church. She is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with!!

At one point, Janace's son dated my oldest daughter. Oh wow...Janace
and I both crossed our fingers hoping that would work out. Then we would
really be family!! But it was not to be....
I just love Janace, she has always been such a great friend!
And when together, we laugh.....a lot!!


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