Sunday, January 13, 2013

A baby shower .....

On Sunday, Jacquelyn's friend Kayla hosted a
baby shower for her and Bucky at my house
She chose a vintage circus theme since Jacquelyn and Bucky
are doing the baby's room in light gray, white and yellow
and little elephants in the crib and accessories
this was set up in the foyer as a circus tent
and guest could leave their gifts here

the table in the foyer had cards for folks to leave
words of wisdom for the new parents

M&M's are Bucky's favorite candy so she had a container
with gray, blue and white M&M's for folks to guess how many
(there were 658 in there)

the glass containers were filled with circus tickets
and the white and blue pompoms were those ones you see on
Pinterest that you make with Styrofoam balls and coffee filters
the blue ones she set in blue dyed water

there were chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salad, green bean salad,
caramel popcorn, veggie tray, animal crackers, peanuts and mints

 and yummy vanilla cupcakes with sparkling sugar icing
and blue lollipops stuck in them

I did not get pictures of all of the drinks except the wine below
but there was also a tub of bottled water and flavored water
then a hot chocolate bar with the sign below.
on the hot chocolate bar were marshmallows, peppermint chips,
chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, chocolate dipped spoons
and cool whip.......needless to say, I hung out there a lot!!
Kayla threw in the "supposed to be cold" because our temps have
not been normal winter temps. I think we hit around 64 the day
of the shower

there was also coffee
she used mason jars with blue and white paper straws in them
for the waters and the wine

I'll have more pics to come tomorrow

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