Monday, January 14, 2013

More from the baby shower ....

here's some more pictures from the baby shower on Saturday
here's Bucky and Jacquelyn.....the new parents

2 of their best friends....Melissa and Deana

We played a game where you were given a piece of ribbon
and had to cut it to the length you thought would wrap around
Jacquelyn's baby bump
below is my mom watching someone else cut their ribbon
looks like she is really concentrating....
and we re-purposed the ribbon.....these were from the tables
at Jacquelyn and Bucky's wedding!

here's Jacquelyn and I....

below....still trying to figure out ribbon lengths
the prizes were really cute coffee mugs with a little pack of coffee,
some Lindt chocolate, chocolate covered spoons and a Starbucks
gift card!
Another game I didn't get a picture of was the months of
February and March were printed out and everyone put down their
best guess for when the baby will arrive. That prize of course will have
to wait to be given out....

 One of the gifts that Johnny and I gave them was the
"clothesline present"
this is where you take lots and lots of baby stuff and clothespin them
to a rope and then you just lay them in a laundry basket....kind of just zig zag
back and forth to get them all laid in there. Top with a bunch of tissue paper.
Then the parents to be pull out the clothes line and start pulling it all of
the way out. We had been buying things for our little grandson since summer so we had tons of things to "clothes pin". The clothes line stretched all the
way around the!

Below is Kayla....who designed the shower
she was also a bridesmaid in the wedding and a very dear
friend to our family.

see's a pacifier with a mustache on it, so funny!

this shirt is funny because Bucky's dad is known as
Buck, and then of course we have Bucky
so now I guess we'll have a buckaroo! cute.....

here's me and my mom......isn't she looking fabulous!!

Chrissy thought with all of the presents being unwrapped that is
was Christmas again. So Bucky took some tissue paper and wrapped
it around some of Chrissy's toys......and she was thrilled!!

this is the bumper pads for the crib. They are doing his crib in The Taylor
collection from Pottery Barn for kids. They also received the crib skirt, sheets, quilt and precious!!

and here's me with my 2 girls.....Nicole and Jacquelyn

Bucky and Jacquelyn are into bowling and bowl on several leagues
My mom gave Bucky a bowling pin bank and it had money in it
she told him if he guessed how much was in it, she would double the amount
and he guessed right! (after a few hints)

and below is a pic taken the next day with all of the gifts
the big box underneath is the crib and I can't wait until everything
is all together so we can show everyone the nursery.
they are storing everything in our living room right now as they
have new flooring going down this week at their house for the new baby.

(almost all of these pictures were taken by my niece Mallory
thanks Mallory!!!)

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