Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family room makeover ...

Our family room is stuck back in the 90's
and is way over due for a make over

we have the dark red brick
stained mantle
stained wainscoting
stained trim around the doorways and windows

all of that is going away......
we're going to paint the wainscoting and all of the trim white

here are the colors I'm thinking about

and I want to cover the fireplace like this...and maybe have white
marble around the fireplace opening

and the bookshelves on each side of the fireplace would be
replaced with white shelves with cabinet doors on the bottom

it's going to take awhile to get this project done
and I'm waiting until after Jan 12th to start......
Jacquelyn's baby shower is that day so I can't have the house
all torn up!

And after this project, my craft/sewing room is next.
I'll post those ideas later as I'm still collecting and trying to
decide on that room.

 I'll take plenty of before and after pics to share along the way


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