Wednesday, January 30, 2013

People in my life ...

My daddy turns 80 years old this May
To me, my daddy was always the best there could be
I imagined that most kids were pretty jealous of us
for having such a fun dad.
He could do hand stands for so long, and walk along with
everything falling out of his pockets.......and we would laugh!!
We loved playing hide and go seek after dark
and daddy would sneak out of the house and hide and as
we ran by looking for a good hiding spot, he would growl
like a bear....and scare us .... we would just laugh and laugh
Daddy didn't cook much but he could whip up a breakfast
milk shake like no other....we loved them!
If you got a bad grade, it was best to show Dad as he would
just pat you on the back and say, "I know you'll do better next time"
He taught me to save money and to always leave for work 15 minutes
earlier than needed ... "in case you have a flat tire".
I always thought that was funny because it would take longer
than 15 min to change a flat tire but I still did it
It's probably why I'm so obsessed about being late now...
We always loved to watch whatever Daddy was working on. And we would
ask ... "whatcha doing Daddy" and he would ALWAYS say...
"building a barn for a sick water buffalo"
Now I don't even know what that means but he always said it and
it always made us laugh!
Daddy would take all of us kids fishing and we each had our own
bamboo fishing pole. One time out fishing, I caught an eel.
I thought it was a snake and I threw my rod
 into the water and took off running. Poor Daddy had to wade into
the water to get my pole.
Daddy also taught me how to play poker .... a game that I truly love to play.
he would let us shoot his guns whenever we went to
grandma and granddaddy's house ... out by the woods.
My daddy loves country music but I did not follow him on that!
I'm a rock and roll girl....but I did enjoy going with him to hear country music
The very first concert I ever attended was to hear Johnny Cash,
June Carter and Tex Ritter. (John Ritter's daddy)
He would also take us to see Roller Derby at the
Richmond arena......what fun!
A very fun memory I have is when I had my first child, Nicole.
I can't remember what I was doing but dad said something to me
about it and I said "Daddy, don't you think I know what I'm doing"
and his reply was just priceless........he said...
"If I didn't think you knew what you were doing, I would have
never allowed you to take that baby home from the hospital"
umm, I was married, a homeowner, 26 years old and my
daddy said that to me!
it didn't make me mad, it only warmed my heart
I love my daddy so much and right now he is having some
health issues so I worry.....
but man oh man, what a wonderful Daddy he is!

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