Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding ... wedding gown

Before I start this post, I will say this right up front
I am not a snob
I buy desinger clothes only if the price is good!
I am the first to hit the sale racks

with that being said......we started shopping for a dress
Jacquelyn did not want an off the rack dress
she did not want to shop the chain bridal shops and have a cookie cutter dress
she wanted a designer gown and she wanted it to look good

my opinion was....I agreed but it had to be in our budget or close to it.
I mean afterall, I was only going to see my daughter in a wedding gown once
and I wanted her to look beautiful.

so off we went to a tiny little town that had a very small bridal shop
and on our first shopping trip we found it
she had actually narrowed it down to about 20!! haha
but they had the most wonderful staff that really knows how to work with you
to come up with the dress of your dreams

She ended up with a Casablanca couture gown made of Duchesse silk satin with Swarovski crystals and crystal sequins, pearls and beaded flower appliques. Neckline had one shoulder strap and bodice was ruched going into a fit and flare silhouette. It had the low back and covered tiny buttons all the way up.

Going with a Casablanca gown was the perfect choice for Jacquelyn. She's a tiny little thing and short, so having her gown made for her was good. Casablanca gowns are made to order one at a time.......they do not mass produce. It took about 5 months to get it in and then 2 fittings.

and they are reasonably priced!

here are some pics I took of it but once we receive the photos from the professional photographer, I'll post those. And I noticed when I posted the pics, I did not include the shoulder strap, it was folded down in the front...oh well

and this is what your gown will look like after lots of dancing!!

one more note ... I know you often see wedding pictures where the photographer photographs the wedding gown hanging. A lot of the times I notice they are just hung on an ordinary hanger. You can order personalized hangers and satin hangers and they just look so much better than a plastic hanger. We searched, never found one that Jacquelyn really liked so we bought a velvet hanger and tied a starfish on to it. I think it turned out nice.

my wedding tip for this post ... don't be afraid to look at the designer gowns, you may be surprised by the price...we were! And buy a pretty hanger for your dress :)


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