Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have been a bit MIA lately
all due to the wedding!
what fun
and I learned so much about planning a wedding

1. set a budget and then add half of that amount to it
2. read all of the fine print in contracts
3. have a back up plan for EVERYTHING
4. have a master list of will refer to this list constantly
5. the 3 weeks prior to the wedding is the busiest no matter how long you have been planning

I am going to post a bunch about the wedding since I was unable to share much about it during the planning
Jacquelyn always wanted everything kept secret so the guest would be surprised
and I'm glad we did

so look for my upcoming wedding post
and I'll put in some pointers for anyone planning a wedding

and have you ever seen a more beautiful bride!



Connie said...

She is a beautiful bride and I love her smile!! Glad everything came off well and you had a great day! I've met a couple bloggers now and they are as nice as can be!

Can't wait to meet you someday!!

Love ya, Connie

Christine said...
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Christine said...

I have been really enjoying the beautiful wedding pictures on Facebook! You all made everything look so simple yet so elegant! I love it and I am really looking forward to keeping up with this blog throughout this wedding journey with you. Your daughter and son in law are beautiful! On your blog here you should add the feature where we can add our email and your current blogs come right to our email boxes. Hugs and a road trip with Connie to meet you soon! We need to hurry, I am getting old!!!!!! LOL Hugs

traci said...

oh she looks so beautiful and happy. i have goosebumps.