Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding ... cocktail party

In helping Jacquelyn and Bucky plan the wedding, I tried to give them
advice on the flow of the wedding. I myself had some pet peeves I wanted to share with them.
One of them is that dreadful time period between the ceremony
and the reception.
the bridal party is having pictures done and the guest are kind of on their
own for a little bit.
I've been to weddings where you almost were at the point of boredom in waiting for the festivties to begin.
I've been to weddings where guest actually started in on the buffet before the bride and groom arrived....how rude!

We decided that it was important for us to take care of our guest during that time period. So we decided on a cocktail party on the pier! The reception was in the Pier House that sits out on the pier but Jacquelyn did not want guest in there until right before their entrance. So having the cocktail party on the long part of the pier worked out great. Not only did our guest have drinks and good food, they had the awesome Atlantic ocean to look at!
We had beer and wine and then served appetizers butler style. We had Shrimp, Teriyaki chicken on a stick and spinach and cheese stuffed mushrooms.

I never made it to the cocktail party...but I heard it was good :)

wedding tip ... remember I mentioned before pick and choose where to spend your money. Well, this is one of them. Don't skimp on drinks, food or keeping your guest happy.