Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding ... invitations

You would think ordering invitations would be easy
but it's not. I think one of the reasons is because there are just too
many choices!

Jacquelyn and Bucky knew from the beginning that they wanted a beach wedding
but not the "shorts / bathing suit, pull up a beach chair" kind of wedding
they wanted a more traditional, "fancy" beach wedding
so that was their starting point
they wanted their invitations to be a bit more formal but with a simple beach flair

we searched everywhere......believe me, I think we looked at every single
invitation site on the internet
and came up with nothing!
there was one we found but they wouldn't do it in the size we wanted
we were at the point of settling for something they didn't really want

then along came Chloe! I've been following Chloe's blog for about 4 yrs and she lives right here in Richmond but we had never met.
Then one day on Facebook, she noted that she was now offering wedding invitations.
I emailed her immediatley! We had not entertained the idea of custom invitations due to the price. But decided to meet with Chloe and see what we could come up with.
And wow! Chloe came up with a few for us to look at, Jacquelyn and Bucky tweaked them a little and then........the perfect invitation!
and at a very fair price! Plus I got to meet a fellow blogger....

So my invitation tip .... don't rule out custom invitations!

then the next hurdle was stamps!
I thought it would be easy to just walk in the post office and get the wedding stamps
but no......we went to several and found out that when the wedding stamps come in
they sell out right away.
So we went to the post office website to order them and they were all on back order except the 64 cent ones.......which we didn't need.
So we went with the "Love" stamp and since the flower was purple, one of the wedding colors, we figured that was a good choice.

My stamp tip .... order your wedding stamps when you order your invitations. That way you will be ensured to get them on time!

please check out Chloe....she does great work and hand draws all of her creations
plus, she is a really great person and soooo easy to work with!

also check her out on Facebook

tomorrows post .... colors!


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