Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wedding ... colors

Jacquelyn and Bucky had an idea of the colors they wanted
it was a toss up of Navy blue / yellow OR purple / carribbean blue
I was so secretly hoping for the navy / yellow combo....2 of my favorites
but they went with the other
and it turned out beautiful

but wasn't easy to work with

for example .... Geoffrey Beane ties!
their carribbean blue comes in 3 different shades
so if you get the store to order them, you may have 3 matches or you may not
we ended up buying ties from Richmond and San Antonio to only end
up returning them!

we used lots and lots of ribbon
so finding the correct shade of blue again turned out to be a bit difficult
and purple wasn't always easy either... we were trying to stay away
from the "grape" purple. And seriously, who knew there were so many shades!

we were trying to match up jewerly, rock candy, ribbons, paper lanterns and flowers
so it was quite the task but doable!
it just took a lot of extra work

My color tip ....... try to stick with the primary colors or the basic pastels. When you vary too much, you will spend a lot of time ordering and returning!

tomorrow ... wedding programs



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Absolutley beautiful glad to catch up on some blog reading tonight.

Connie said...

Love the colors!! I have trouble matching colors period! AND I love the fans and your advice!