Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One more Whole30 update ...

I started the Whole30 on July 10th
and now it is Aug 21st and I'm still on it......haha!!
I thought in the beginning I would be glad when the 30 days
ended but after a very short time, I realized I didn't really want it to end.
yes, I feel that good

So now I'm just reading Paleo cookbooks, collecting recipes as
I am going to ease myself off of the Whole30 and into Paleo eating.

Besides feeling so great, the second thing that convinced me was having my physical done and my doctor telling me that this is how her family eats.
and she just very "matter of fact" said...."it's really the only way to eat"

and she's right
My mom and I have always talked about how the chemicals they
put in food is awful, makes people sick, killing people.
and now I truly believe that because detoxing all of that out of my body
I feel fabulous. And to eat like this is not hard at all.
Quitting smoking, now that was hard!
but eating really good food and feeling great, that's not hard. 

So I won't preach it anymore but I will continue to show
some good Paleo recipes on my blog.......just as I have always
shown recipes on here. Just now they will be really
good for you recipes.


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