Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clean eating ... day 3

I'm sure you can guess my breakfast......
2 cups of black coffee
2 boiled eggs
bowl of watermelon!!

I know most people would get tired of the same thing but I have
always been a creature of habit with my eating. Before this clean eating, I
had a bowl of grits every single work morning, with 3 tabs of butter
and then fruit salad. Sometimes, I would get an omelet.

But lunch was different....taco salad!! and it was yum!
I cooked the meat the  night before and brought to work meat, black olives,
avocado, tomatoes. So then at work from the salad bar all I had to buy was the lettuce and banana peppers.
and it was yum......yes, it would have been better with cheese all over but it would not have been better for me so I'm ok with that.
I had not cooked any meat in advance for dinner and I had gone to Jazzercise so I had a sweet potato for dinner. Of course that's also when I stabbed my hand with a knife cutting up an avocado so I didn't even eat all of my potato because I was just sick over the pain.
how's it going .... it's going really, really well. I'm enjoying this challenge. I admit it does take a lot of planning. I'm hoping to get a lot of cooking done this weekend for the upcoming week.

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